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Armenian Digital Health Initiative

Yerevan, Armenia
August 14th, 2021

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Workshop on Development of Digital Health Cluster in Armenia

The Digital Health Revolution is currently making a major impact on the healthcare systems globally (greatly fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic), by improving the healthcare systems and tackling key healthcare challenges in both developed and developing countries. Digital Health tools and applications ranging from Electronic Health Information Systems to Telemedicine, and from Mobile Health to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Genomics Analytics for Personalized ("Precision") Medicine, are capable of delivering previously unimaginable value with regard to quality, accessibility, affordability, and equity of health care.

Digital Health is also among the most rapidly growing business sectors in the world. Global Digital Health market size was estimated at $350 billion in 2019, and is predicted to surpass $600 billion by 2024 [McKinsey]. Armenia -- with its world-class educated workforce, dynamic IT sector, and significant global networking opportunities greatly facilitated by the Armenian Diaspora, is well positioned to become one of the global leaders in Digital Health.


A group of Digital Health experts and enthusiasts from Armenia and the Diaspora have been working on an initiative to establish a Digital Health Cluster in Armenia, with R&D, education, and entrepreneurship (a startup ecosystem) components. The Digital Health Cluster has a potential to drive forward the technological and economic development of Armenia and Artsakh, modernize and improve the existing healthcare systems and services, and assist Armenia and Artsakh in emerging as a global Digital Health leader, the 'Health Silicon Valley of the Caucasus'. Furthermore, this will allow the creation of thousands of local professional job opportunities within the healthcare, IT, and education sectors.


This workshop will attempt to:
1. Bring together representatives of relevant stakeholders and potential investors,
2. Present and discuss the initiative,
3. Brainstorm the necessary activities, and
4. Produce and adopt a draft Roadmap of further development.

Workshop Invitees:
Ministers and/or Deputy Ministers of Health, High Tech Industry, Economy, Education and Science, and the High Commissioner of Diaspora Affairs;
Representatives of Armenian National eHealth Operator;
Representatives of major investing agencies and potential donors from Armenia and the Diaspora;
Representatives of International Organizations (WHO, World Bank, ADB among others);
Representatives of Academia and R&D Units;
Representatives of Healthcare Providers;
Representatives of Healthcare Payers;
Representatives of High Tech Industry

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Workshop on Development of Digital Health Cluster in Armenia
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