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Armenian Digital Health Initiative

Yerevan, Armenia
August 14th, 2021

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Dear Colleagues,

At the end of each year we traditionally look back at the achievements, successes and new developments that marked the old year, while at the same time defining new goals and specific tasks for the year to come.

In 2014 our Association continued to work towards its mission, helping to advance and promote the usage of Information and Communication Technologies in Armenian healthcare practices. As the main objective of our activities has always been “to provide a platform for networking and collaboration of all stakeholders”, perhaps the most important milestone was successful organization of two educational and networking events in 2014: the 2nd Healthcare ICT session at the annual DigiTec Business Forum, that took place on June 21, and the 1st German-Armenian Workshop on Telemedicine and eHealth held on November 17-20, within the frameworks of a bilateral collaboration project started this year. We also worked, and will continue working in the months to come, on our ongoing educational, scientific and practical projects. In the arena of education and research the most important expectations are related to the launch of a new joint master’s program in Biomedical Engineering in September 2014, which is currently being developed by a large European consortium (with AATM acting as the country-level coordinator) under the TEMPUS project BME-ENA.

Other joint educational programs, including potentially a master’s in eHealth, are also likely to be started at Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University in the years 2015-2016 – such possibility is now being discussed within the German-Armenian collaboration project mentioned above. While in the practical aspect we will continue and further enhance our local and long-distance teleconsultation programs with Germany, France and USA, among other partner countries. Follow the news on our web-site and social media to receive timely information on these and other initiatives of our Association.

The world saw many exciting developments in the field of Healthcare ICT in 2014, and our country is slowly catching up with the latest trends. Our public authorities actively work on introducing more eHealth and telemedicine services in the country’s healthcare system; healthcare providers and IT businesses are searching for more opportunities to collaborate; and in general there is much more understanding of the role and importance of telemedicine and eHealth, both by general public and among healthcare professionals – a trend that AATM has been actively supporting throughout all these years.

As always, we are wishing all our members, partners, donors, followers and supporters a Beautiful Holiday Season, Merry Christmas, and Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!
Yours sincerely,

AATM Board


Session “ICT & Innovative Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare”

@ 8th Annual DigiTec Business Forum, June 20, 2015, Yerevan, Armenia-Marriott

Co-located with 3rd German-Armenian Telemedicine and eHealth Workshop

& TEMPUS IV BME-ENA Project Dissemination Event

The session “ICT and Innovative Technologies in Medicine and Healthcare” took place on Saturday, June 20, 2015, at 12:00-17:00 at Armenia-Marriott hotel in Yerevan. The session was co-hosted by Armenian Association of Telemedicine (AATM) and Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE), within the frameworks of the DigiTec Business Forum – the largest digital technology forum and exposition held annually under the High Patronage of the Prime Minister of Armenia, Mr. Hovik Abrahamyan.
The session was conducted jointly with the Ministry of Health of Republic of Armenia, and featured keynote addresses, discussions, lectures and business presentations by government officials, experts, academia leaders, healthcare institutions, and commercial entities in the field of eHealth, telemedicine and other medical technologies.
This year the Session was co-located with the 3rd German-Armenian Telemedicine and eHealth Workshop within the frameworks of the project jointly funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and Armenian State Committee on Science (SCS)
The Session also included a presentation by AATM President Dr. Georgi Chaltikyan titled "New European Joint Master's Program in Biomedical Engineering (BME) in Armenia” describing a new educational program in medical technologies launching in September 2015 at National Polytechnic University of Armenia (NPUA) and Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University (RAU), that is being developed under TEMPUS IV project BME-ENA.
Apart from co-hosting and moderating the session, Armenian Association of Telemedicine, together with their Armenian partners from NPUA and RAU, as well as international partners from Deggendorf Institute of Technology (Germany) and Klughammer GmbH (Germany) also presented with a stand (a “booth”) in the exhibition area of DigiTec Business Forum 2015 throughout Friday, June 19, and Saturday, June 20, where several thousands of attendees of the Forum were given information about ongoing international projects, including TEMPUS BME-ENA Project, and German-Armenian Telemedicine and eHealth Project. On Friday, June 19, at 10 AM AATM’s projects and programs were also presented at the official Opening of the Forum with Tour of the Exhibition to the Prime Minister's delegation.

Please, follow this link to download the presentations of the Session.

News & Events


OCTOBER 29-31, 2010, AATM participated in DigiTec Expo 2010 – the largest and most important local and regional ICT event, featuring exhibition of leading high-tech organizations and companies from Armenia and abroad, organized by the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE)  under the high patronage of the Prime Minister of Republic of Armenia and other government authorities.
DigiTec is an annual event of informational and telecommunication technologies (ICT) dating back to 2005. The exhibition is organized every fall in Yerevan, and takes place at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concert Complex in Yerevan, Armenia. The goals of the exposition are: to create favorable environment for a dialogue between ICT companies and consumers; to involve the public into the ICT field (stimulate formation of information society); expansion of international contacts; and establishment of business contacts.
During this event AATM leadership met with the representatives of many organizations involved in the field of Health ICT and telemedicine in Armenia, and new agreements on further cooperation and collaboration were achieved.

Digitec Expo 2010_1 Digitec Expo 2010_3 Digitec Expo 2010_3 Digitec Expo 2010_4 Digitec Expo 2010_5 Digitec Expo 2010_6 Digitec Expo 2010_7 Digitec Expo 2010_8 Digitec Expo 2010_9 Digitec Expo 2010_10


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