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The extraordinary developments in computing, communications and medical technologies, are making a reality what we have not even dreamt of. Telemedicine & eHealth are revolutionizing the world of health care. If you are, or wish to be involved in this exciting field, the “Future of Medicine”, then this site is for you. Learn how to become AATM member


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This section contains links to a variety of interactive activities, such as On-line Discussion Groups for health care professionals or general public, and On-line Consultation Services for the patients. If you wish to participate in our on-line discussions, ask physician a question, or apply for a consult, you will need to log in, or register with this web-site.

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News & Events


News & Events

June 19-20, 2009

Under the high patronage of the Prime-Minister of RA and in collaboration with Microsoft RA, theUnion of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) presented the second annual DigiTec Business Forum. The main objective of this event was presenting the opportunities of the information and communication technology in raising the Armenian private sector’s competitiveness. During the two-day long event the participants presented competitive advantages that can be implemented in business, while using information technologies, particularly, how to solve special problems of any sector via use of modern information and communication technologies. The forum also incorporated the conference “ICT in everyday business”, where ICT solutions in various fields were represented. The forum was attended by more than 25 companies and 1500 businessmen interested in using technological solutions for business sector, as well as representatives of state and international organizations, business consultants, and media leaders. Presenters discussed cooperation opportunities for business problems solutions. The forum included the Exhibition where the participants presented their own technological business solutions. The special section of the event fort he first time hosted Microsoft Innovation Forum: eFinance conference aimed at representing technological and investment problems by financial-banking and credit organizations in one place. Seminars representing technological solutions for business (by leading local and international companies presenting their solutions and technological news) were held. During the Forum technological solutions for the following sectors were presented: banking and financial sector, small and medium entrepreneurship, tourism, warehousing and trade, construction, transport and freight, medicine and pharmaceutical sector, social and others.

AATM presented to ICT business community leaders its plans for future developments in the field of Telemedicine and eHealth in Armenia. The Association’s vision and prospective projects were introduced to the Prime Minister, Mr. T. Sargsyan, as well as Ministers of Economy, Communications, and Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, who revealed their interest in this dynamic and modern area of using various ICT solutions in health care, and expressed their support for Association’s endeavors to promote development of Health ICT in Armenia.

Dr. G. Chaltikyan introducing AATM to the Prime Minister of Republic of Armenia, Mr. T. Sargsyan

Dr. G. Chaltikyan introducing AATM to the Prime Minister of Republic of Armenia, Mr. T. Sargsyan, Minister of Economy, Mr. N. Yeritsyan, Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. G. Sargsyan, and Minister of Diaspora Affairs, Mme H. Hakobyan, DigiTec Business Forum 2009, Yerevan, Armenia

Dr. G.  Chaltikyan introducing AATM to the Prime Minister of Republic of  Armenia, Mr. T. Sargsyan

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