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This section contains links to a variety of interactive activities, such as On-line Discussion Groups for health care professionals or general public, and On-line Consultation Services for the patients. If you wish to participate in our on-line discussions, ask physician a question, or apply for a consult, you will need to log in, or register with this web-site.

Programs & Projects

Completed Projects

Ongoing Projects
. Strategic Plan of Long-Term Development of eHealth Applications and Services in Armenia (eHealth Master Plan)
. Promotion of Home Telehealth Services, and Development of Mobile eHealth Applications in Armenia.
. Development of Cloud-Based Telemedicine and eHealth Platform
. Support for Development of Integrated Health Information System in Armenia (Armenian eHealth Program)

Prospective Projects

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Promotion of Home Telehealth Services, and Development of Mobile eHealth Applications in Armenia.


Among AATM’s plans for strategic development of health ICT in Armenia special place is devoted to remote patients’ monitoring and mobile (wireless) eHealth technologies. Importance of home telehealth lies in better management of chronic conditions and maintenance of health status in target groups of patients. Mobile telehealth (mHealth) emerges as one of the most promising areas of development in health ICT. 

In June 2012 AATM established cooperation with a telehealth and mHealth equipment producer company MegaKoto from Finland, and mHealth services provider Mobile Cardio from The Netherlands aiming to develop Mobile ECG Telemonitoring system for local cardiology clinics. The system consists of the central data server connected via dedicated lines with monitoring workstations installed at cardiology institutions and clinics, and lightweight highly portable single lead ECG sensors coupled via Bluetooth with Android smart phones with special application preinstalled. The sensor is reading ECG signal and sending it to the phone’s app, which uploads the data onto the server through mobile broadband connection. The monitoring workstation receives the signal in real time from the server, and displays it on large LED screens, for 7/24 live ECG monitoring by dedicated personnel. Besides that, authorized physicians are able to access their patients’ ECG data on the server, both live-streamed and stored, via special Web Access platform from any device connected to Internet. Thus, the system allows any person with heart problem to remain under ECG-surveillance 7/24, theoretically as long as the cardiologist deems necessary. Such breakthrough telemonitoring technology is being made available for Armenian population for the first time ever. The initial installations are already done (including the server and one monitoring workstation at one of the country’s leading cardiology facilities); the system has been tested in real life patients, and should now enter the commercial exploitation phase.


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Armenian Association of Telemedicine is a partner in a Multinational Educational Project on Biomedical Engineering

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Armenian Association of Telemedicine is participating in an important multinational educational initiative in the field of medical technologies. The project titled “Biomedical Engineering Education Tempus Initiative in Eastern Neighboring Area” (BME-ENA) funded by the European Commission through its long-lasting higher education reform program (TEMPUS IV), involves besides AATM, 16 universities from 7 EU countries (Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Slovenia), and 4 countries of the so-called Eastern Neighboring Area (ENA) – Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. The project, which is set to run for 3 years (December 2013 through November 2016) and is initiated and coordinated by the University of Patras in Greece, aims to develop and establish at the participating universities in Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine a joint MSc program in Biomedical Engineering, including Healthcare Information and Communication Technologies, eHealth and telemedicine. Participating universities from Armenia are two leading higher education institutions in biomedical and technical fields – the Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University (RAU) and the State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA, “The Polytechnic”). AATM (which is the only non-governmental professional organization in the consortium) is going to play an important role in the successful project implementation in Armenia, providing its expertise in developing and implementing the program parts related to the Healthcare Information and Communication Technologies (including telemedicine and eHealth), coordinating the project at the country level, and ensuring interaction, communication and collaboration between the interested stakeholders (academia, healthcare institutions, and regulatory authorities). It is expected that the first students will be enrolled in the newly established master’s program in September 2015, for a two-year 120 European credits extensive teaching program with significant input not only from local faculty, but also from leading experts in the field of biomedical technologies from many EU universities. The graduates of the program will receive internationally recognized diplomas opening broad employment perspectives not only in Armenia, but essentially in all European countries. However, the most significant output of the project should be development of highly skilled human resources for rapidly growing field of medical technologies, in the participating Eastern European countries. It will be especially relevant for Armenia, considering several upcoming telemedicine and eHealth programs.

More detailed information on the project activities will be available soon on the website of the project at, as well as through AATM website and social media platforms.


AATM is Official Partner of ATA.


AATM is National Member of ISfTeH.



 AATM is a national member of European Federation for Medical Informatics.
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